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Sherry Justus, Photographer, Welcome to my World...

Welcome to My World...

Thank you for stopping by! The photo above was taken in a chapel in Copper Center, Alaska. Of all my images, it seemed the perfect portal into my world.

I am quite intrigued by the concept that all of us—humans, cats, armadillos, you name it—share some of the same space and some of the same time and yet experience our lives in such different manners. All those unique world views! Mine manifests itself most purely in photography.

I strive to complete a new photo project every three or four months. Some make it to this site right away; some rest elsewhere until they are ready to emerge, blinking, from their protected little archival quality and pixilated cubbyholes. Also residing in the world of Sherry Justus in—a different neighborhood, so to speak—are stand-alone images that reverberate with the stories of how they came into being. These are my so-called "Favorite Children."

Peruse and ponder these photographs. I welcome inquiries from galleries, editors or anyone else interested in featuring my work. And yes, you may purchase prints directly from me if you are so moved. Just email

This is an invitation to visit every so often. Do you think I rate a bookmark in your world? Or would you like me to tap on your door when there is something new to view in my world? (If so, click on "Contact the photographer" and give me your particulars.)

Once again, Welcome! There’s really no need to RING THE BELL, contrary to the sign in the photograph above—hey, you're already here. Enter my site and take a trip to a different, yet familiar world: photography, Sherry Justus style. My portfolio is in your hands. Turn the pages with care, now: you've got a whole world in your hands.

News from Sherry Justus . . .

Visit my new website with my most current work
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New "Favorite Child"
January 27, 2010 view the image »»

"Improvisin' " was selected for display in the 2010 People’s Gallery Exhibition at Austin City Hall by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division from among the work of 300 artists. It can be seen beginning at the opening reception on February 19 and then until January 28, 2011.
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"Trillium", Herbarium Series. Watson Studio Gallery: "Flower Power" exhibit May 2 to May 23, with a public and artists' reception on May 2, 2009.
105 Nugent Street | Johnson City, TX | 512-944-8585
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Sherry has recently donated several photos to special events and fundraisers
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Photographs on Display at the Uptown Blanco Arts Center in Blanco, Texas
317 Main Street | 830-833-2514

Photographs on Display at the Silver K Café in Johnson City., Texas
209 E. Main | 830-868-2911

Music by Elmer Bernstein (from To Kill A Mockingbird)

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